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“Long before I wrote stories, I listened for stories. Listening for them is something more acute than listening to them. I suppose it’s an early form of participation in what goes on. Listening children know stories are there. When their elders sit and begin, children are just waiting and hoping for one to come out, like a mouse from its hole.”

                                     -Eudora Welty, One Writer's Beginnings

Willy Bearden

I am a writer, filmmaker and producer. For many years I have produced documentary films about and because of the South, particularly Memphis and the Mississippi Delta. I am fortunate to have been born in Rolling Fork, Mississippi, in what we know as the Deep Delta. That part of the world has played an important role in American culture, spawning writers, musicians and artists as few other places have. I live by the advice given me by philosopher, songwriter and friend, Jerry Hayes: "Life is short, but it's wide."

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